I exhibited my game at Tokyo Game Dungeon 2

*Since the author is a non-native English speaker, the grammar might be strange.

I’ve exhibited “Reso-Seeker” at Tokyo Game Dungeon 2((JP) on Jan.15 2023. This is the report of the exhibition!

Trailer of Super Reso-Seeker

It’s my booth

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Pretty good for the first time ever, isn’t it? lol
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Simulation on Blender

I did it before shopping. It helped me choose the right products.

What I brought

BTW I carried all of my luggage only in the suitcase and large backpack.

2 Playable Demos

  1. Windows laptop + 21.5 inch display
  2. Macbook
I did this to check screen #2

I could see screen #1 on the laptop(mirroring) but not #2. Maybe I have to do something next time🤔

Table Cloth

  • I got it at the handicraft store, 2m long
  • The color is blue


  • I printed 200 sheets but about 140 remained
  • Found typos later! I should’ve done 100😔

Business Cards

  • 100 sheets
  • I put my works on the other side and it helped me a lot keep conversations!

Poster Stand

  • I didn’t have time to prepare a large poster so I put standard ones
  • And yet it caught many people’s eyes.

White Board, Thick Marker Pen

I got it because sometimes handwritten signs are better than printed ones.

  • I hesitated to get smaller and cheaper one, but I got this large one.
  • As it turned out, it was a right choice!

Small Handwritten Signs

It is said that the combination of yellow and black stands out well.

Hand Sanitizer Spray, Wet Wipes

For hands and controllers

Power Strip

In case there are not enough outlets at the venue.

Reflection Point:Ask a friend for help

Despite there were lots of games that I wanted to play, I could do few titles because I attended alone.

Reflection Point:Do not lead players astray at the beginning

Players had to get out the door by pressing Up key but it was hard to tell. I should’ve given the icon when they came to the door!

Reflection Point:Prepare a large poster

Looking around at the other booths, the ones with large posters stood out a lot.

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