2024 Has Come (My Goals of 2024)

*Since the author is a non-native English speaker, the grammar might be strange.

Midpoint of the 2020s!

What was it like 10 years ago?

  • Lots of people singing “Let It Go”
  • PS4 became popular
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Smash Bros. 4

Mario Kart 9 hasn’t been announced yet even after 10 years. Smash 4 doens’t still look so old for me.

My goals of 2024

Complete my indie game

Because the flyers I’ve made says “Release date : 2024″😅

Improve my English so that I don’t have to ask again

Although I have at least 5 friends who speak English now, I always miss the words when they speak fast(moderate for them) English so I have to say “Can you repeat it?” again and again.😞

I can’t stay like this!


I’m getting used to living in Tokyo from Oct. 2022. I’ll do my best this year.

New Year Card 2024

The theme is an airport. Characters from “Reso-Seeker“, a game I’m developing now.

It’s fun just to be at the airport, isn’t it?

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