Review of 2023

*Since the author is a non-native English speaker, the grammar might be strange.

Decided to review the year in the end of December, not only New Year’s greetings.

Attended Lots of Indie Game Events

It was my first game exhibition in my life. I did it approximately 5 times this year. I also opened the Steam store and got a lot of followers on Twitter.

Built “Horizonal Connections”

I used to have no game developer friends. But this year, thanks to move to Tokyo in Oct. 2022, I have made lots of developer friends that we greet whenever we see. Also a friend we ask each other about game development.

I can call this “horizonal connections”, can’t I? Thank God for Tokyo.

Began Study of English hard

I originally resumed study of English with radio programs and books last year, but I couldn’t improve my skills of pronunciation and listening. Then I went to the school focused on pronunciation.

I realized how much I had been in a “Japanese bubble” even though there’s ton of information written only in English. You know not every information is translated into Japanese.

Do you think I’m a foreigner wannabe?(*) But it’s way better than nothing I study, isn’t it!

*Since my country has few English speakers, those who are into English a lot are sometimes regarded as this

Made Lots of Friends Regardless of Nationality or Race

This is also one of benefits of Tokyo. I got lots of developer and non-developer friends from other countries. It didn’t realized in countrysides.

What surprised me was they speak English fluently even if it’s not their first language. It means they speak at least 3 languages. How amazing they are!

I learned some trending or differences depended on regions from them. I’m lucky I have learned English.

Game Development Didn’t Progress Well

The more I develop my game, the less I felt my game was interesting. I call it “Is this really interesting?” syndrome. As a result, I changed the graphics again and again.

Plus, the more times I attend indie game showcases, the more I realized what kind of games would become popular. Of course it’s necessary for marketing but it also made me uneasy, like “Is my game design correct?”.

I’ll have to “do it” in 2024!

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